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Hello, I am Rhaissa V.

Product Leader, Mentor, Former Netflix

Area of Expertise: Leadership, Product

Career Level: Executive

Ask Me About: Product Management, Women in Tech, Work-life Balance

Rhaissa (/hɑː’iːsa/) is an award-winning professional in UX design & tech for over 10 years. Led millionaire initiatives in partnership with Netflix, Google, Meta, The Coca-Cola Company, Fintechs, FCA & Official Rio 2016™. Been part of multicultural teams based in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, and Peru.

Strategic thinking & influencing skilled (Gallup®) that strives for positive behaviors and creative solutions through cross-functional work. A true passionate leader & Management 3.0® Certified with a Consul Personality (ESFJ). Focused on product strategy, people management, and growth mindset within products now.