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Hello, I am Melanie Cipher

Product Manager | Problem Solver | Yoga Teacher

Area of Expertise: Product

Career Level: Mid Senior

Ask Me About: Product Management, work-life balance, yoga

I’m a product manager and a former customer service rep, so I’m 100% a problem solver. I love helping people figure out things that are driving them crazy, and I love learning about other roles in my company and finding ways that I can help improve their work lives, too.  I’m also forever curious about other people’s jobs and lives, about product management and how it’s different everywhere, and about the world in general.  I’ve worked in product in both a large, heavily process-driven and rule-laden company and now at a startup with a much looser, scrappier structure and a really small team, and it’s been a lot of “fun” (challenging fun!) navigating those differences and learning to be comfortable in ambiguity.  Outside of work, I’m a yoga practitioner and teacher, which has led me to become a huge proponent of work-life balance and self-care (icky as that phrase can be).  I’m also a passionate reader of fiction, a mom of 2 grown kids, a wife, a crazy cat lady, and a volunteer driver of a 110-year-old trolley.  I live on the beautiful Oregon coast and I try to travel and experience new places as much as I can.