Hello, I am Ankita Terrell

Founder, Intentional Money

Area of Expertise: Founder, Marketing, Product

Career Level: Mid Senior

Ask Me About: Personal Finance, Investing, Budgeting, Values-Aligned Money Plan

Ankita Terrell is a money coach. She is the Founder of Intentional Money, where she helps her clients align their values with the way they earn, spend, invest, and donate money.

Ankita’s mission is to empower her clients to manage their money with confidence and ease. She works with clients of all levels: from individuals who want to create budgets and understand the basics of investing, to more advanced investors who want to get more intentional about where their money is going.

Ankita also works part-time at Ashoka, funding social entrepreneurs who are combatting climate change and making technology less biased.

She has worked at various for-profits, non-profits, and BCorps over her career, before settling into the entrepreneurial lifestyle. She has a BA in Economics from Bryn Mawr College and an MBA from Georgetown University.