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Videhi Mallela

Product Manager

Area of Expertise: Data, Design, Leadership, Product, UX

Career Level: Mid

Ask Me About: Product Management

I have over 10 years of experience in developing and launching industry award winning technologies in Solaris, a UNIX operating system built by Sun Microsystems, now part of Oracle. I launched the first usable version of the Internet Protocol version 6. I love working with new and emerging technologies.

I am good at identifying customer pain points and barriers to adoption. I enjoy collaborating with teams to define and build profitable products that delight customers and make their lives better.

I have been on a career break and am looking to get back into product management. I am happy to help people as they make their way through their own journeys. I wish everyone much success.

Kayla Medellin

Product Operations Manager at Auctane

Area of Expertise: Design, Leadership, Product

Career Level: Mid

Ask Me About: Product Operations, Product Management, Product Marketing, Product Design, Building Products, Analyst Focuses, User Research

I’ve worked closely with product teams, engineering, and stakeholders to drive efficiency, do analysis work, help with user research, documentation, scaling teams, and more! Former “teacher” and happy to help in whatever way possible. Very excited to young women grow!

Galicia Gordon

Founder of Leading Learners

Area of Expertise: Design, Founder, Leadership, UX

Career Level: Executive

Ask Me About: Social Entrepreneurship, EduTech, FinTech

Galicia Gordon is the Founder of Leading Learners, a global platform with a mission of supporting students through free and accessible resources. Leading Learners has reached students from all corners of the world, including students from Harvard, Columbia, McGill, Oxford, among several top tier institutes. She started Leading Learners as a student in high school, and has since reached 100,000 students globally. Ask Galicia about tips to starting a global platform, critical design features, UI/UX, and overall making more meaningful design decisions.

Carolyn Newmark

Product Manager

Area of Expertise: Leadership, Product, UX

Career Level: Mid

Ask Me About: Product Management, Design Thinking, Business Strategy, Project Management

Carolyn Newmark is a product manager who builds innovative products, solves customer pain points with a data-driven mindset, and delivers delightful experiences. She most recently joined the fast-growing telemedicine company hims and hers as a product manager. Prior to this, she was a product manager at CNBC overseeing the creation of the organization’s first e-commerce product, CNBC Select, growing revenue and audience 4X within one year. She also led a team focused on creating innovative storytelling features to deepen audience engagement for the almost 90million monthly unique visitors on Carolyn has spoken on breaking into a career in product management multiple times at Columbia Business School and other organizations. She graduated with a B.A. in philosophy, Magna Cum Laude, and Phi Beta Kappa from Vassar College.

Snehal Murudkar

Sr. Data Engineer / Product manager @Morgan Stanley

Area of Expertise: Data, Design, Engineering, Leadership, Product

Career Level: Mid Senior

Ask Me About: Product management, Data Analytics, Data Modeling, Project / Program management, Resume building / review, Software Engineering

I have 15+ years of diverse experience in IT industry. I have extensive experience in technology, FinTech, and supply chain products. I am very passionate about product management and creating cutting-edge products that bring smiles to customer’s faces. I have been working on cloud computing, REST APIs, and all the tools you can think about Big Data and Data Engineering. ETL. I am a Certified Scrum Product Owner and Certified Scrum Master. Academically, I have a Master of Science in Information Technology and Bachelors in Electronics Engineering

I believe in  ” A sign of a good leader is not how many followers you have but how many leaders you create.” -Mahatma Gandhi

So I am ready to create many leaders.

Kt McBratney

Cofounder OwnTrail

Area of Expertise: Founder, Leadership

Career Level: Executive

Ask Me About: Branding, marketing, ops, business strategy, business development/partnerships,

I build non-bullshit brands.

A longtime marketing and tech exec, strategist, connector and knot untangler, I disrupt the status bro daily in my role as cofounder of OwnTrail.

I’m also a visual artist, toddler mom and borderline book hoarder.

Thais Garcia

Designer: advocating for user needs through UX research & data collation aiming for impactful & engaging experiences

Area of Expertise: Design, Product, UX

Career Level: Early

Ask Me About: CV, UX Design, Linkedin

Enthusiastic and a confident communicator with great relationship-building and leadership skills who can motivate and encourage others. Strong organization, prioritization, solution and problem-solving skills. Highly flexible and energetic, able to work under pressure and to adapt to changes. Master Degree level educated, Post-Graduated in UX Design and currently, an Academic & Student, upskilling, seeking an opportunity to expand the international career as Product Designer.

Sakshi Gupta

Growth Marketing Lead at Pearmill

Area of Expertise: Leadership

Career Level: Mid Senior

Ask Me About: Growth & Product Marketing, Startups, Agency, Martech, Remote Work

I’m a growth and product marketing manager with 7 years of experience in high growth venture based companies. Currently based in San Francisco Bay Area working with a remote first Marketing-Tech agency, I lead strategy and execution for a unique and exciting portfolio of clients from industries ranging from Direct to Consumer, B2B SaaS, Healthcare and Tech.
Started my career as an Academy Trainer for Google, I’ve since worked across 5 different cities, 3 different countries and with 15+ startups, helping them grow their business in terms of customer acquisition, retention and revenue.
I provide free of cost consultation to women owned businesses, live in an indoor jungle and usually always building things by hand (ceramics, macrame, digital art).


Product Designer

Area of Expertise: Data, Design, Founder, Product, UX

Career Level: Mid

Ask Me About: Product Design, Idea to MVP, Workflows, Process Efficiency

Jane Sorkin

Chief Product Officer at Move the Chain

Area of Expertise: Design, Engineering, Founder, Leadership, Product, UX

Career Level: Executive

Ask Me About: Leadership

⚡️ A few years back, I noticed there was a gap between programmers, designers, and business-focused individuals. If they weren’t working together, the final products lacked a clean, intuitive approach and simplicity and the culture was in shambles. Here’s where I come in.

I’m a passionate CPO where my main focus is creating a symbiotic relationship of all 3 environments. The only way I got here was to experience and feel the problem myself. 👉 You have to feel the disappointment to have empathy.

One of my biggest goals is to help other women rise to the top. Regardless of age, experience, etc. confidence and grit are key. Whether it’s advice or mentorship, I can share my story and advice from how I went from a film degree, to design, to engineering, and now to the c-level.

Keerthana Muruganandham

Product Manager @ Marqeta, Inc

Area of Expertise: Design, Leadership, Product, UX

Career Level: Mid

Ask Me About: Product Management, Master of Engineering Management(MEM), Payment industry, FinTech, UX design

I’m a Master of Engineering Management graduate from Dartmouth College. I started working as a Product Manager after my graduation at Marqeta, Inc which is a growing issuer-processor platform in the Payments industry. I also interned as a PM in the same company. I previously worked as a Software Developer for 2 years in a FinTech before pursuing my Masters program.

Ashish Bidadi

Director of Technical Product Management at Lifion by ADP

Area of Expertise: Design, Engineering, Founder, Leadership, Product

Career Level: Executive

Ask Me About: Transitioning into Product Management, PM Interviews, PM Skills, Product Strategy, Day to Day PM

  • Background in Mechatronics Engineering from the University of Waterloo
  • Co-founder of Palette, aka MonogramCC
  • Primary content created for the Instagram Account, @ObsessedPM
  • Currently a Director of Technical Product Management at Lifion by ADP
  • Enjoying building products from zero to 1
  • Love working on complex problems that require engineering and design skills, as well as, understanding user needs and market trends
  • Passionate about tooling aspiring and passionate entrepreneurs and PMs to increase their chances of success

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