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Kt McBratney

Cofounder OwnTrail

Area of Expertise: Founder, Leadership

Career Level: Executive

Ask Me About: Branding, marketing, ops, business strategy, business development/partnerships,

I build non-bullshit brands.

A longtime marketing and tech exec, strategist, connector and knot untangler, I disrupt the status bro daily in my role as cofounder of OwnTrail.

I’m also a visual artist, toddler mom and borderline book hoarder.

Thais Garcia

Designer: advocating for user needs through UX research & data collation aiming for impactful & engaging experiences

Area of Expertise: Design, Product, UX

Career Level: Early

Ask Me About: CV, UX Design, Linkedin

Enthusiastic and a confident communicator with great relationship-building and leadership skills who can motivate and encourage others. Strong organization, prioritization, solution and problem-solving skills. Highly flexible and energetic, able to work under pressure and to adapt to changes. Master Degree level educated, Post-Graduated in UX Design and currently, an Academic & Student, upskilling, seeking an opportunity to expand the international career as Product Designer.

Sakshi Gupta

Growth Marketing Lead at Pearmill

Area of Expertise: Leadership

Career Level: Mid Senior

Ask Me About: Growth & Product Marketing, Startups, Agency, Martech, Remote Work

I’m a growth and product marketing manager with 7 years of experience in high growth venture based companies. Currently based in San Francisco Bay Area working with a remote first Marketing-Tech agency, I lead strategy and execution for a unique and exciting portfolio of clients from industries ranging from Direct to Consumer, B2B SaaS, Healthcare and Tech.
Started my career as an Academy Trainer for Google, I’ve since worked across 5 different cities, 3 different countries and with 15+ startups, helping them grow their business in terms of customer acquisition, retention and revenue.
I provide free of cost consultation to women owned businesses, live in an indoor jungle and usually always building things by hand (ceramics, macrame, digital art).


Product Designer

Area of Expertise: Data, Design, Founder, Product, UX

Career Level: Mid

Ask Me About: Product Design, Idea to MVP, Workflows, Process Efficiency

Jane Sorkin

Chief Product Officer at Move the Chain

Area of Expertise: Design, Engineering, Founder, Leadership, Product, UX

Career Level: Executive

Ask Me About: Leadership

⚡️ A few years back, I noticed there was a gap between programmers, designers, and business-focused individuals. If they weren’t working together, the final products lacked a clean, intuitive approach and simplicity and the culture was in shambles. Here’s where I come in.

I’m a passionate CPO where my main focus is creating a symbiotic relationship of all 3 environments. The only way I got here was to experience and feel the problem myself. 👉 You have to feel the disappointment to have empathy.

One of my biggest goals is to help other women rise to the top. Regardless of age, experience, etc. confidence and grit are key. Whether it’s advice or mentorship, I can share my story and advice from how I went from a film degree, to design, to engineering, and now to the c-level.

Keerthana Muruganandham

Product Manager @ Marqeta, Inc

Area of Expertise: Design, Leadership, Product, UX

Career Level: Mid

Ask Me About: Product Management, Master of Engineering Management(MEM), Payment industry, FinTech, UX design

I’m a Master of Engineering Management graduate from Dartmouth College. I started working as a Product Manager after my graduation at Marqeta, Inc which is a growing issuer-processor platform in the Payments industry. I also interned as a PM in the same company. I previously worked as a Software Developer for 2 years in a FinTech before pursuing my Masters program.

Ashish Bidadi

Director of Technical Product Management at Lifion by ADP

Area of Expertise: Design, Engineering, Founder, Leadership, Product

Career Level: Executive

Ask Me About: Transitioning into Product Management, PM Interviews, PM Skills, Product Strategy, Day to Day PM

  • Background in Mechatronics Engineering from the University of Waterloo
  • Co-founder of Palette, aka MonogramCC
  • Primary content created for the Instagram Account, @ObsessedPM
  • Currently a Director of Technical Product Management at Lifion by ADP
  • Enjoying building products from zero to 1
  • Love working on complex problems that require engineering and design skills, as well as, understanding user needs and market trends
  • Passionate about tooling aspiring and passionate entrepreneurs and PMs to increase their chances of success

Kate Agnew

Director of Software Engineering at Optum

Area of Expertise: Engineering, Leadership

Career Level: Mid Senior

Ask Me About: Managing people, bringing your whole self to work

Kate Agnew is the Director of Platform Engineering at Optum, where she began in 2017 as the second employee on a team tasked with modernizing and introducing scalable technologies to healthcare. Now managing a team of 20+ software engineers, she has created multi-million-dollar impacts and is always looking for ways to take on more. Prior to Optum, Kate had various roles including employee number 7 at an Artificial Intelligence startup and Campaign Manager in a City Council race. She obtained her BA from Macalester College and MBA from MIT. Outside of work, she previously served as the Managing Director of the non-profit Girls in Tech Minneapolis and serves on the board of a girl focused STEM Charter School – Laura Jeffrey Academy. She is also a commissioner for the city of Edina and the Communications Director for the Macalester Alumni Board.

Janko Bazhdavela

Chief Product Officer of The Infatuation and Zagat

Area of Expertise: Leadership, Product

Career Level: Executive

Ask Me About: Building products, building product organizations, transitioning to product management career.

I am passionate about building products that have a real impact. I am a highly collaborative and outcome-focused product and technology leader with over 15 years of global experience in leading teams and building (B2B and B2C) products in Consulting, Finance, Education Technology, Marketing, Real Estate, and Online Media. I love data and have high user empathy.

Ewelina Robaczek

Founder & CEO at, a marketing SaaS.

Area of Expertise: Data, Design, Engineering, Founder, Leadership, Product

Career Level: Mid Senior

Ask Me About: Product Management, Starting a company on a budget, Bootstrapping, Customer Personalization, CV building

Hi there, I’m Ewelina, aka Evey, a technology entrepreneur with DNA of customer obsession, strong leadership skills, and the ability to execute across departments and verticals. Having 4 years of global venture development experience at Rocket Internet, as an in-house expert in Online Marketing, CRM, and Product.

Currently, I’m running, a B2B marketing platform that helps businesses to create, manage, and optimize tailored-to-customer e-commerce promotions, like coupon codes, special offers & referral programs.

Privately, I adore uplifting others. My mission is to leverage technology to build ventures that empower companies and individuals, and as a result, create a positive societal impact. Plus, I love to travel and explore new cultures.

Bosky Mukherjee

Founder, PMDojo & Founder, Spark To Substance

Area of Expertise: Design, Founder, Leadership, Product, UX

Career Level: Executive

Ask Me About: Product Management, Career Advancement in Product & Tech, Mental Health, Side Hustles, Entrepreneurship, Motherhood and Career

I am a mom to a toddler and a Founder of 2 ventures. I started my career as a Product Manager 20 years ago and stepped down as the President of a tech company in 2019 after my mental, emotional and physical health deteriorated. I also wore the label of being a “workaholic” for years and have now learnt that career paths are indeed not straight lines or curvilinear paths. They are unique to individuals and one’s personal life and circumstances greatly influence the joy and happiness at work. 

My passion is democratizing learning opportunities and entrepreneurship. I am the Founder of Spark To Substance ( where I work as a Fractional Product Executive for growth-stage companies. I am also the Founder of PMDojo ( where I lead a community and a Product Accelerator for future Product Managers to learn practical skills and advance their careers.

Akhila Gourishetty

Product Manager at Cadent

Area of Expertise: Leadership, Product

Career Level: Mid

Ask Me About: Product Management, Career Transitions, AdTech, Scrum, Startups, Remote Teams

I’m Akhila, a Product Manager with experience working on high-throughput platforms at scale to deliver the best experience to my users. I’m currently a PM at Cadent, an AdTech company which provides marketers with data-driven solutions for buying and selling TV advertising. I own the entire DSP vertical and work on product strategy for automated impression level decisions and buying modes for OTT specific market dynamics.

Prior to my current role, I’ve made several career changes – from medicine to a HealthTech PM to AdTech and now finally to an AdTech PM. I’m passionate about tech and mentorship and love meeting people in the space. When I’m not working the 9-5, I volunteer with non-profits focused on enabling children with special needs as well as scuba-diving and hiking in my free time. Let’s chat!


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