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Makenzie Magaro

Product Manager at Deloitte Digital

Area of Expertise: Data, Product

Career Level: Mid

Ask Me About: Product Management, Product Fundamentals

I’m Makenzie, a Product Manager at Deloitte Digital, a creative digital consultancy. I lead cross-functional teams in designing, building, and releasing unique digital products, and I’m very passionate about keeping user experience at the heart of my work! I enjoy crafting exceptional products to truly serve users and their needs. I thrive in an environment of continuous learning, and founded an internal digital fellowship at Deloitte Digital to teach fundamental product development themes to junior team members across the firm! I also use my time outside of my 9-5 to learn development and design more in depth.

I have experience building both mobile and web products, having worked in the emergency preparedness, higher education, and healthcare spaces across both government and private industry. I’d love to connect with others early in their PM career to offer advice on getting into product. Let’s connect!

Eleanor Haglund


Area of Expertise: Founder, Leadership

Career Level: Executive

Ask Me About: Entrepreneurship

Videhi Mallela

Product Manager

Area of Expertise: Data, Design, Leadership, Product, UX

Career Level: Mid

Ask Me About: Product Management

I have over 10 years of experience in developing and launching industry award winning technologies in Solaris, a UNIX operating system built by Sun Microsystems, now part of Oracle. I launched the first usable version of the Internet Protocol version 6. I love working with new and emerging technologies.

I am good at identifying customer pain points and barriers to adoption. I enjoy collaborating with teams to define and build profitable products that delight customers and make their lives better.

I have been on a career break and am looking to get back into product management. I am happy to help people as they make their way through their own journeys. I wish everyone much success.

Kayla Medellin

Product Operations Manager at Auctane

Area of Expertise: Design, Leadership, Product

Career Level: Mid

Ask Me About: Product Operations, Product Management, Product Marketing, Product Design, Building Products, Analyst Focuses, User Research

I’ve worked closely with product teams, engineering, and stakeholders to drive efficiency, do analysis work, help with user research, documentation, scaling teams, and more! Former “teacher” and happy to help in whatever way possible. Very excited to young women grow!

Anjali Nair

Marketing Specialist | Founder

Area of Expertise: Founder, Leadership, Marketing

Career Level: Early

Ask Me About: Digital Marketing, Customer Acquisition, Coaching, Blogging, Social Media Marketing, Personal Branding, Entrepreneurship

Anjali is an innovative and enthusiastic Marketing professional with over 7 years of work experience broadly ranging from Corporate firms to Marketing agencies to Startups. Her expertise and skills lie in Digital Marketing, Strategy & Planning, Brand & Account Management, Social Media Marketing and Blogging.

Currently, she works as a Marketing Planner at AAA – The Auto Club Group, Tampa. In addition, she acts as the Florida Market Chapter Coordinator for the Asian Pacific Islander Group within the Diversity and Inclusion Team.

Anjali is also passionate about empowering Immigrants living in the States. She founded ‘Desi Girl in US’ – an e-learning platform and community for immigrants in USA. She conducts training programs for onboarding new immigrants, live workshops, online courses and provides free resources at and a private FB group that helps Immigrant women to establish a career and navigate their new life in the States.

Anjali graduated from a highly ranked premier Business School with a dual degree in BS Pharmaceutical Sciences and a Masters in Business Administration specializing in Marketing. She’s highly recognized to be a creative thinker, problem-solver, and empathetic coach.


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